Welcome to Stylezena!

We are committed to bringing you the best quality & safe items.

Stylezena will keep adding top qualified products and help you to discover your favorite products in a convenient and enjoyable way.

Stylezena has been selling Korean & European consumable goods & living products to all around world since 2019.

We are cooperating with a lot of manufacturers and whole sellers in Korea Republic and European countries.


Since early 2017, we have helped customers purchase their favorite products, such as beauty items, glass nail polish, baby products, KPOP goods, etc.

When our CEO Daniel realized that people usually don't have quality products, he decided to show people and tell them products that most people don't know.

So in the Czech Republic, he began to distribute European and Korean products, which are well-known in European countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea, China, and Japan.

So until today, people are beginning to learn more about European and Korean brands and help increase quality products at reasonable prices.

We transport all kinds of products in warehouses in the Czech Republic. The A Stylezena team updates new products every day and ensures inventory to meet the various interests of all our customers.


Our mission is to provide the best customer service that exceeds customer expectations through our well-trained and professional staff in a pleasant environment and with a complete range of cosmetics, baby products etc. Also creating an enjoyable experience is our big motivation.

All orders are carefully handled by Stylezena staffs and our partners and delivered in a secure manner to get it to your house.

We want to continue to grow not for growth's sake, but by satisfying more people.

FEED & Partners_ feednpartners.com

Stylezena Worldwide Shopping (in English)_ www.stylezena.com

Stylezena Europe Cross-border Shopping (in Korean)_ www.stylezena.co.kr

Czech Natural Cosmetics (in Korean)_ www.havlikovaapoteka.co.kr

Natural Health Supplements for Dogs (in Korean)_ www.fitmin.co.kr

FEED EU S.R.O. / FEED KOREA I CEO. Daniel Kim Dong Suk I Business Licence No. 04052706

Klokotská 348/5, 142 00, Prague, Czech Republic

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