Havlíkova Apoteka Beautiful Girl Set


The gift set for Beautiful Lady is a package containing all current products of the Beautiful Lady line, which will please every young lady who cares for her skin with love. With this set, you will please every girl and save money. 

87.95 € 99.68 €

Product Description 

The products are intended for dirty, problematic and oily skin, with enlarged pores and a tendency to form acne and eczema. They take care of it, detoxify, nourish, cleanse and hydrate.

The skin of young ladies often goes through countless difficulties, as does their body and psyche. The transformation of a girl into a woman is a lengthy and demanding process full of mysterious nooks, obstacles and pitfalls, as well as beautiful moments full of carefree laughter and joy of life. During this time full of changes and self-knowledge, the skin is exposed to a large amount of pollutants from smoky environments and smog, it is affected by hormonal changes, as well as alcohol and stress. It is therefore necessary to take care of her with love and respect, preferably with the help of natural substances that are closest to her. This will turn a small and tender bud into a beautiful pink flower.

Skin protection is guaranteed, among other things, by the formation of itself consisting mainly of triglycerides and fatty acids, squalene and esterified waxes. Subsequently, a hydrolipid film is formed, which protects the skin from external stressors, microbes or dryness. This film develops mainly during puberty, but also during the following years of life. Its formation is mainly influenced by hormones and often produces excessive self-production. With age, the pH of the skin stabilizes and its defense system weakens, which also reduces its oiliness and the occurrence of acne.

Contents of the set

Cleansing 1 minute elixir 200 ml
The cleansing 1-minute elixir is a gentle product for cleansing problematic and porous skin with signs of acne and a tendency to eczema. It cleanses and detoxifies oily and dirty skin, opens clogged pores and cleanses them. It is also a suitable prevention against the formation of acne and redness of sensitive skin. The elixir containing black bamboo, Cytobiol Iris A2 and blackcurrant, raspberry and cress extracts contributes to clean and radiant skin, soothes and opaque the skin and alleviates the symptoms of acne.

Acne serum 30 ml
Acne serum specially formulated for application directly to sensitive areas, reddish pimples and spots. Suitable for problematic, dirty and acne prone skin. The serum soothes this skin and intensively acts on problem areas. The serum containing Cytobiol Iris A2, Pentavitin and blackcurrant and raspberry extracts helps soothe and reduce inflammatory reactions, reduce skin redness and reduce acne. Effectively soothes the skin and especially reddish and sensitive areas, reduces skin oiliness.  

Party mask 30 ml
The party mask for girls and ladies whose skin is exposed to smoke and smog is oily, problematic and prone to acne. It helps soothe redness and inflammatory reactions and detoxifies skin skin cells from impurities after staying in a smoky environment. The mask, which contains extracts from black currants, raspberries and watercress, reduces damage due to harmful substances, helps to brighten the skin and remove gray skin tone after a sleepless night.  

Day and night cream 30 ml
Beautiful young day and night cream with clinical study Cytobiol ™ Iris A2 is of light consistency, for problematic and acne prone skin. The mixture of components of Florentine iris rhizome extract, zinc salt and vitamin A has an anti-inflammatory and astringent effect on the skin, in addition it helps to regulate the formation of excessive sebum, in as little as 28 days. The skin gradually adjusts its balance in lipid metabolism, and the tissues regenerate in their natural flora.

Night cream 30 ml
Nourishing Night Cream is suitable for problematic skin with acne and enlarged pores. It soothes the skin and opaque oily skin, providing it with adequate nutrition and hydration throughout the night. The cream containing Cytobiol Iris A2 and blackcurrant and raspberry extracts promotes the reduction of acne and reddening of sensitive skin.

Affirmation card Beautiful Miss

A part of this gift set is also a special affirmation card directly for the girls.  

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